Like the Plynlimon and Hafan Tramway, some thirty miles to the south, the Ganllwyd Tram was but a brief spark flung out of the white hot furnace of late Victorian industry and commerce. Looking at what little remains of the Ganllwyd Tramway today the casual observer could be forgiven for doubting that it ever existed.

Thursday, 7 April 2011

An educated guess

There's very little documentary evidence about the Ganllwyd Tramway, a Google search of the internet will only bring you back here. Much therefore remains as guesswork. For the moment I'm stock building, and though I've an idea what locos the line had, and built models as close as it's possible to get, given the absence of photos of the Fowler and one dishevelled image of the lines No. 1, the other stock remains a mystery. I have a possible lead to follow with regard to the mineral wagons, but the coaching stock is still an unknown factor. I took a guess at something like the early Corris four wheelers being appropriate, but I've become increasingly disenchanted with my model, it looks too modern. Its place will be taken by the rather lovely Meridian Models Talyllyn 'Lancaster' carriage. As the Ganllwyd tram shared the 2'3" gauge I don't think that poaching items from the Talyllyn or other similarly specified lines stretches credibility too much.

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